Straighten Penis Curve

A Guide to Effective Penis Straightening

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straighten penis curveWelcome! I started this website to help inform you about penis curvature, and how new breakthroughs in male medical research can help you straighten a penis curve from the comfort of your home. A curve in the penis can actually be quite simple to straighten. Here will find all of the details you need to straighten your penis curve.

Penis Straightening Overview

Have you heard of a device called a penis extender (also known as a stretcher)? These devices are quite interesting and becoming increasingly popular to help treat men for several issues. One successful applications of a penis extender is in treating penis curve. They are also used to increase the size of the penis. A man looking to straighten a penis curve using an extender can also expect size gains. Not bad, right?

Stretchers might seem scary at first, but they are FDA approved medical devices and are clinically proven to be effective. X4 Labs makes the world's #1 penis stretcher. They are known for being high quality, comfortable, and effective. Read more here about how an X4 extender can help you straighten a curved or bent penis.

Treat Penis Curve With X4

Penis Curve Overview

Penis curve is very typical and at least a slight curvature of the penis is seen in most men. So, a perfectly straight penis is actually quite rare (makes sense). A penis may curve up, down, left, right, or a combination. The reason the penis curves is because one of the main penis chambers is shorter than the rest. A simple penis curve can be the result of minor scar tissue, genetics, or a constant pulling in a specific direction over a period of time (as from masturbation, positioning, or constrictive clothing).

Remember, some curvature is normal and unless it causes you physical discomfort, is of no concern. However, many men still desire a "correction" of this curvature for aesthetic reasons. (It is true that a straighter penis is longer - at least, it appears longer. Think about straightening out a banana. You aren't actually getting more banana, but it certainly would "appear" much longer!)

How About a Bent Penis?

A penis that appears "bent" could simply be a more severe curve, or it could be a condition known as Peyronies Disease. Peyronies disease is the development of abnormal scar tissue in the penis and a bent and sometimes painful erection are the most common symptoms. If you experience any pain, consult your doctor immediately. The treatments provided on this page can work for Peyronies Disease, but you should still seek professional advice. Obviously the more "bent" a penis, the longer the straightening can take.

A typical "curved penis" in erect form (left). A semi-hard bent penis (right).

Curved Penispenis curve

Why Straighten a Curve?

  • Helps self esteem / embarrassment issues related to penis curve
  • Appears longer when straighter (again think of a banana)
  • More comfortable sex (entirely dependant on type of curve, position, and partner of course)
  • Probably gain some extra length and girth because similar techniques to enlargement are used

Why not?

  • It will take a serious commitment on your part (there's NO pill!)
  • The best treatments will cost a bit

So with that in mind, what are your straightening options? There are two: surgery, and traction.

Option 1: Penis Straightening Surgery

Surgery is an option, but is only recommended in extreme cases and when other treatment options have been exhausted! It can lead to pain, impotence, loss of sensation, diminished erections, and scarring. It also costs upwards of $8000! It's simply not worth the risk / cost, especially when penile traction is a very attractive alternative.

Conclusion: Not recommended!

penis curve surgery

Option 2: Penis Traction Straightening

So we know that the penis curves because skin is shorter on one (or several) sides compared to the rest. This causes the pull and the penis to curve. To penis straighten, all you have to do is stretch the shorter skin so it "catches up" with the other sides! Sound simple? It is, with a penile traction device - commonly called a penis stretcher or extender.

Penile traction is the safest and best way to grow the shorter side through stress and new cell creation.

For an idea of what an extender looks like, check out the two I like most: X4 Labs and Size Genetics.

Penile traction has been used effectively for hundreds of years around the word. Mostly for increasing penis size by hanging heavy weights - such as stones - from the penis. Now thanks to science, you can experience the same phenomenon with the assistance of a medically approved and tested penis stretcher.

How Penile Traction Works

What penis traction does for a penis that curves is permanently elongate the short skin of the penis until it is as long as the rest of the skin on the penis.

What actually happens with sufficient traction is this: during the measured pulling, microscopic breaks or tears occur between cells where the skin is short. It is not at all painful if done correctly.

The body then adds new cells to the broken areas to repair the breaks. The skin becomes a little tiny bit longer each day.

Repeat this process over and over again and you can even out the skin all the way around and have a beautiful arrow straight erection.
straightened penis

penis curve fixed
If done too aggressively, any type of pulling can cause pain and other damage to your penis. So be patient and work slowly and gradually.

Increased Length AND Width

Once your penis is straight. if you continue the process you can actually add as much as 1 to 1 1/2 inches to the length of a normal penis! You will also normally get added girth. But, all that elongation can take a year or two.

Straightening the curve in a penis is much simpler and requires less time. Usually months to a year.

Today we have penis traction devices available to men who wish to straighten a curved penis easily and SAFELY.

Safe, Effective Penis Traction Devices

There are many available penile traction devices on the market today. They work so well that they are usually sold as penis extenders. But, make no mistake, there is no better device available anywhere for straightening a curved penis.

And, you want to be sure to get a high quality one.

You want one that is medically proven and dependable. You don't want to cause more damage to your penis. If you try to save $50 or $100 dollars on a "cheaper" model you may very well injure your penis permanently and irreparably.

I have researched 16 penile traction devices (commonly called penis extender).

There are only two that met all my requirements for quality. These two units are well made, easy to use, medically approved, and guaranteed by the manufacturers. They are:

X4 Labs and Size Genetics

Both are excellent and the best available on the market.

Either one should solve 99% of all curved penis problems. Used correctly, they work safely and easily.

These devices can be worn comfortably and unnoticeable under most clothing. And, they will not interfere with your daily routine. Have a look around their websites and see which one suits your eye. You really can't go wrong.

Conclusion: Highly recommended!

It Takes Some Work

You have to allow time for the process to work. Normally it takes about a few months to a year (in more extreme cases) to straighten a curved penis with a stretcher. If you rush you can cause damage. If you work slowly and steadily the whole process should be quite painless. And, the results are permanent!

And, that is the key: Be patient and persistent.

There is no need to suffer from the mental anguish or embarrassment of a curved penis any longer. And now you know how to fix it! Safely, easily, inexpensively, and permanently!

Jonah, Editor

About Me: My name is Jonah. I currently reside in Germany and work as an engineer. I have had practical experience with both penile traction devices and penis straightening exercises. I reduced my once severe penis curve by about 80% and continue working on it. It's become sort of fun and I hope my penis straightening guide can help YOU!